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Fourteen Years Later

Just a quick post this week, as I’ve been sidelined with the flu. Yesterday was the fourteenth anniversary of my father’s passing. Here’s what I wrote about it over at the Turtleduck Press blog:

I don’t think about him often anymore, except right around this time of year. He died in March, late in a bitterly cold prairie winter. The day he was buried, there was a thaw and, finally, everything began to melt. Ever since then, I’ve found late winter difficult to bear. Some years are harder than others; this one has been easier so far, probably because it’s been so unseasonably warm here. Bittersweet for sure.

He feels now like part of another life, one I don’t remember as well as I would wish to. …

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming next time. For the curious, my current blogging schedule is every two weeks on Mondays (er, or very early Tuesdays). Hope to see you then!