Shrubs, Shorts, and Soccer

Can’t believe this ROW80 is almost over! I’m only checking in once a week, so that means only one more check-in after today. How’d that happen?

So here’s my penultimate update. (Ha. It’s not every day that you get to use the word penultimate….)


That short story I finished last week has come back from its first two readers with good reviews (and good suggestions for improvement). I’m running it by my critique group this week, so I’ll shortly have lots more good suggestions to think about and incorporate as appropriate.

Other than that, the rest of this month will be all about critiquing other people’s stuff — I have several lined up. That’ll keep me busy on the writing front. I don’t expect to get much further on my own stuff until July, but maybe I’ll blog more to compensate. That storytelling addiction, you know….


This week I did:

  • 1 hour of yoga
  • 2 hours of contra dancing
  • 1 general workout session (half an hour)
  • 2 sessions of stair-climbing
  • 7.1 km (4.4 miles) of walking (3 sessions)
  • and a little bit of gardening, not really enough to count

Okay, still not where I need to be for hiking in the Rockies, but better than last week, and getting closer!

Home Improvement

We finally bought shrubs! Hydrangeas, yellow “carpet” roses, blue hibiscus, and a white pearl bush. And one tree, a Japanese maple — LOVE those, can’t quite believe I get to own one. Still awaiting delivery from the garden centre, though, so it’ll be another week or so before they get in the ground. I can’t wait. I’ve spent so much time over the last few weeks looking at gorgeous plants, it’ll be great to finally have some.

We also planted a few more vegetables:

  • raspberries (two kinds, red and black) — they won’t produce fruit this year though
  • hot peppers
  • and more bell peppers (apparently MIL didn’t realize we had four plants already…good thing we all like bell peppers!)

Grow, little vegetables, grow! Yes, I’ve started talking to my plants. I guess I’ve got the gardening bug, haven’t I?

Now I’m mulling over perennials, with the help of the landscaping program. Any recommendations? I like blue and purple, and maybe something to complement the dark red leaves of the Japanese maple….

In other news, it’s World Cup season (soccer to us North Americans, AKA football in the rest of the world). In our neighbourhood, that means much honking and cheering. I’m not much of a sports fan — hell, Canada doesn’t even have a team playing — but I can always tell when the game’s over and who won!

Finally, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Mine is no longer with us, so last year I wrote this for him: Watching Movies With My Dad. If you’re near your dad, and on good terms with him, give him a hug for me?

How about you? Are you watching the World Cup? What’s your favourite tree? Where is your dad today?


4 responses to “Shrubs, Shorts, and Soccer

  1. Andrew Couch

    We don’t watch the games so much as sit on the porch and listen to the whoops and hollers from down the street. It was interesting to remember the sounds and realize it was during that brutal Spain-Netherlands game a few days ago.

    All of the plants sound good. Not that I want more work and especially no yard, but it would be nice to have bell pepper plants. Feels like we go to the store every day or two for another one.
    Black raspberries? And they are different than blackberries? I remember both as a kid at my grandparents’. The vines grow rampant and have little thorns everywhere, but the berries are worth it.

    All of your other progress sounds great.

  2. Andrew, there’s something to be said for being a vicarious sports fan. It is its own kind of entertainment, after all!

    Black raspberries are a thing I had never heard of until a friend offered to give me some shoots from his. Apparently they’re not the same as blackberries. They look just like raspberries except darker (more or less the colour of blackberries), which means way more antioxidants. Slightly different taste, too, or so I hear. I’ll have to wait another year to find out from mine….

  3. OK, I’m hooked ever since I was recruited to play soccer in a team for women over 40. Tonight’s game US vs. Ghana was quite exciting, but no car honks in our neighborhood. Maybe gardening is like writing with the planning, then planting and care through a growing season. And patience to see what your work will bring about.

  4. Beth, wow, good on you! I like your comparison of gardening and writing. It’s definitely all about the patience.

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