Home Stretch on the ROW80 Week 10 Check-In

This is the second-last update I’ll be making for this Round of Words in 80 Days. Can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Regular reporting has helped keep me accountable, so I’m going to sign up for the next round as well (starts April 7). If you’re thinking of joining, let me know so I can be sure to cheer you on.

On to the updates…

Writing Updates

My original ROW80 goal was 5 hours a week of writing or editing (fiction only — not counting blogging). Due to Life, I had to revise that goal down to 3.5 (a handy goal because the math is so easy). Most weeks I managed between 3 and 4 hours. Well…this week I finally hit 5!

Even better, I finally conquered a chapter that’s had me stymied for waaaaay too long. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s good enough for now (this is the second draft, not the last draft) and I am MOVING ON. Oh, and today I got to write a really nasty cliffhanger. That was fun. Whoever said writers were nice people?

Another goal was to start putting a little more effort into this blog. I wrote two non-ROW80 posts this past week — My Writing Process and Winter Elegy — which hasn’t happened since last month, so go me!

Renovation Updates

The IKEA snafu still isn’t sorted — they were supposed to call us last week and didn’t, so we need to follow up this week.

However, we braved the cold weather to go to Home Depot (in a blizzard!) and order some appliances for the upstairs kitchen (we’re in a shared housing arrangement). Those are getting delivered in two weeks, so soon we’ll have no excuse to keep avoiding the cleaning that needs to happen in that kitchen to make it usable. I’m looking forward to having our own kitchen again and getting back to more independence.

We’re also making headway on drapes — a kind friend has offered to hem them for us (we are, sadly, about as far from DIYers as one can get), and we now know more or less what we want, so in the next couple of weeks we need to go buy all the curtains. Yay?

And finally, we’re looking into getting help with beating our front and back yards into shape come spring. More about that soon!


4 responses to “Home Stretch on the ROW80 Week 10 Check-In

  1. I agree . . . the accountability – and flexibility – of A Round of Words is great. Congrats on hitting five hours. (If I didn’t count my blogging endeavours, my writing goals wouldn’t have been worth commenting on this round.)
    Congrats on getting past your challenging chapter – and writing a nasty cliffhanger. I, personally, think writers can be nice and nasty at the same time. 🙂
    My hubby is a DIY guy but has very little time to work around the house. We need some behind-the-walls stuff done and that’s never any fun. I much prefer redecorating to serious renovating – though it is a necessity.
    All the best. See you in Round 2.

  2. Steph, I agree, the flexibility of ROW80 is so helpful! I was worried about it initially, because I find it so easy to slack off if there isn’t a hard cap (like NaNo), but it’s been awesome. And hey, blogging is still writing!

    Ugh, behind-the-walls. We had to get some of that done — rewiring — before we moved in. Kind of annoying to spend all that money (or time, in your husband’s case) with no visible improvement.

    And thank you. 🙂

  3. I shudder when I think of house remodeling/cleaning/fixing. That is NOT my forte. I’m expecting I’ll need to be doing a bunch soon, though….Enjoy the cliffhanger…and I found that it’s always fun to find, or create a character to kill off when I get stuck…Creative killing for fun and profit. And I just happy with the fun part if necessary!

  4. Creative killing for fun and profit…I like that. Good luck with the house stuff!

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