Resurfacing for ROW80 Week 6 Check-In

Here’s a Sunday check-in for a change!

Quick recap: in my last check-in, I spoke about being frustrated that renovations were taking too much time, and I decided to raise my weekly goal from 3 to 3.5 hours (down from the 5-hour goal I declared at the start of ROW80 and then kept missing).

Writing Updates

Turns out that was a good plan. (I’ve used the same goal in the past and found it works well, simply because it’s so easy to track — no tricky math.) Last week I hit 3 hours for the first time since starting the challenge. This week I’ve hit 3.5 hours. My unofficial goal for February has been 14 hours (half an hour per day — averaged out because I don’t write every single day) and I’m completely on track for that. Go me!

Another component of my original ROW80 goals was to write in bigger chunks. That’s been kind of patchy — half an hour a day is all I can manage most days — but I have done two 2-hour days in February so far, and today’s writing included a 1.5 hour session. So I’m successfully starting to train myself to go for longer.

As for the actual writing, I’ve finally abandoned a flash fiction piece that wasn’t working, after spending way too long trying to make it work (story of my writing life). Instead I’m going back to a novel edit that got shelved mid-draft. I’d really like to finish it and get it out there.

That won’t happen by the end of this ROW80, but I’m aiming for sometime this year. I can’t be more specific because this is the first novel I’ve gotten this far with, so I’m still working out my process. Wish me luck….

Renovation Updates

Things have slowed down a bit and there are no actual renovations happening at the moment. But since my last post, my significant other and I have:

  • discovered that we can’t hang curtains yet
  • met a guy about central air conditioning (very excited about this, but alas, it can’t happen until the snow on the roof melts…and yes, we have snow and still need a/c in the summer)
  • put together four chairs (hey, we are very much not DIYers, so it’s worth mentioning in my books)
  • survived a trip to IKEA (note: the IKEA app is the best thing ever) for some badly needed storage furniture, a large piece for the kitchen, and some decor (decor does not come naturally to me, but it’s important too)
  • started setting up the new exercise room / guest room
  • had an inaugural workout in the exercise room (also very exciting)

So things are starting to come together, finally. We do still have the kitchen to tackle, which will be a huge job. The first step is clearing out the junk that’s accumulated in that room, then cleaning, then getting stuff for it — taking what my MIL isn’t using, and buying all the things to fill in the gaps. Whew.

I’m reminding myself that all of this is part of Project: Making Space and it will all make my life better in the long run.

In the meantime, I’ll be hiding behind my computer, shooting to get another 3.5 hours closer to having a finished novel.


One response to “Resurfacing for ROW80 Week 6 Check-In

  1. Renovations are killers. We’re about 12 years into ours. We’ve rebuilt every room in the upstairs of the house, including raising the roof, and redid the entire front of the downstairs (including removing a staircase). It’s slacked off a bit because of a lack of enthusiasm, but as weekend warriors, things get overwhelming sometimes.

    The point is to keep going, even if it’s just in half-hour bites. 😀 Something you’ve clearly discovered with your writing practice, Siri. So keep going. And you’ll find your sweet spot. 😀

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