Housekeeping and ROW80 Update

Hello, all! I had an unexpected Internet outage over the weekend, and my connection was only restored yesterday. It’s good to be back.

First, a couple of quick housekeeping notes…

The latest installment of my fantasy serial “Still Waters Run Deep” is now posted at Turtleduck Press. In case you’ve forgotten or are new here, this is a story loosely based on Thailand. The current installment is the second-to-last one, so it’s a good time to start reading if you haven’t already. Part 1 is here. The whole thing is free…enjoy!

Second, this week I’m blogging about being a late adopter, also at Turtleduck Press. There’s a good discussion happening in the comments, so please do come on over and weigh in if you have time.

ROW80 Writing Updates

Once again, Real Life was seriously distracting (more about that below). I logged 2.25 hours of writing, consistent with what I’ve been doing throughout most of January. (My total for the month was just under 11 hours.) It’s really not where I want to be — so resisting that self-talk is getting harder. I need to figure out how to get self-talk working for me instead of against me.

This week I’ve logged 0.5 hours so far. More tomorrow, I hope.

Renovation Updates

I mentioned I had an Internet outage. That, and other technical problems tangentially related to the renos, pretty much ate the weekend…and thus, all my writing time. I’m getting really frustrated. Must find a way to write more (and stop talking about writing more).


  • flooring has been done (full disclosure: not by us)
  • paint colour is chosen and painting has been done (also not by us)
  • living room, dining room, and porch have been decluttered (by us!) and they look great — still awaiting some nice decor touches, but at least they have more space now
  • junk (from above rooms and elsewhere) has been taken away
  • much research has been done on curtains, blinds, and similar
  • another trip to the home improvement store has happened

Woot woot! Renovations aren’t finished, and there’s still a lot to do, clean, choose, buy, and so on even after the renovations themselves are done, but I think now we can slow down. Which means more writing ohgodIhope.

I’m also hoping to get back to doing Monday books-movies-and-media posts here on the blog, because I’m having Thoughts about things other than my own life and I’m lost without the ability to natter on about them. But in the spirit of Project: Making Space, I need to remember that blogging is an “extra” and writing fiction isn’t.

So I’m upping my goal a bit and aiming for 3.5 hours this week. I’d love to hit 15 hours for February. It’s still far from where I want to be, but at least it’s headed in the right direction!



3 responses to “Housekeeping and ROW80 Update

  1. Hi, Siri!

    Along with writing, I am also a homeschooling mom. We’re not the school-at-home type; we prefer to allow everyone to learn what and as they are drawn. Rather than a curriculum, our focus is on living an interesting life – we’ve got a house overflowing with books, ways to go online, games, toys, art and science supplies…

    Because I live in a state that requires a great deal of documentation for homeschoolers, I’ve gotten very good, over the years, at observing my children and their activities, and then translating that into “educationalese” for reporting purposes.

    For instance, this morning my 12 year old did a pen-and-ink study of Pokemon-inspired characters (we were reading Pokemon fan fiction yesterday); and learned how many zeroes are in a quadrillion, because he was playing Cookie Clicker, and had reached that number before he reset the game.

    My 9.5 year old daughter found an activity book, “What to Do in an Emergency”, which I was clearing out of my study. We picked it up a year or three ago, at an open house at a fire station. She’s done word puzzles of several sorts, double-checked what’s in our first aid kit and medicine cabinet, and more. She’s played Sims 3, and another Kindle game with more word puzzles. She’s created games for stuffed animals and Monster High Ghouls.

    Both kids played in fresh snow, played Minecraft and Mario games, and spent time talking.

    So, between them, there’s been art, reading, spelling, health, science, math, physical education, and more. But these weren’t assigned subjects, and, if I wasn’t paying attention, I might not have noticed. I’m sure there were other things; I don’t hang over them watching their every move….

    My point is that you may well be writing more than you think you are. If you only count the time you’re at the keyboard or have pen in hand, producing words, you might be selling yourself short. Writing involves a lot of invisible moving parts, and sometimes those are camouflaged in things like decluttering, or researching window treatments, or drawing Pokemon…

    While it’s good to have the goal of writing a specific number of hours per week, so that you can measure your progress, maybe, when you feel the urge to employ that unkind self-talk, you could focus instead on those subterranean parts, instead. There really is no telling how the bits and pieces of life can feed writing – maybe you’ll have a character who’s renovating one of these days, or one who struggles to make decisions – and then, these things that seem like distractions from writing now might actually end up as real-life research!

    And, if you ever need someone to say something nice to offset the self-talk urges, drop me a line! =)


  2. Shan, I know that kind of homeschooling well…my siblings and I were “unschooled” for many years! (I didn’t start school until Grade 8.) Good for you. And thanks for making the connection for me — obviously, it’s an analogy that resonates. 🙂

    “If you only count the time you’re at the keyboard or have pen in hand, producing words, you might be selling yourself short. Writing involves a lot of invisible moving parts, and sometimes those are camouflaged in things like decluttering, or researching window treatments, or drawing Pokemon…”

    I really needed to hear that. Thank you again.

    Sort of related: I mentioned in one of my earlier ROW80 check-ins that I tend to forget I’m not a brain in a jar, but a person with a body, whose mental and emotional state is influenced by my physical surroundings and comfort. That means that by making my home more like a place of calmness and beauty, I’m clearing the way for writing. At least I hope it’ll work that way. 😉

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