Reframing Goals and ROW80 Week 3 Check-In

During last week’s check-in, I talked about how Real Life, in the form of house renovations, was derailing my attempts at ROW80. I had been missing my initial goal of 5 hours a week of writing or editing, and was trying to figure out how to reframe my goals.

Writing Updates

This week was about the same on the writing front. I hit 2.75 hours, up slightly from Week 2 and on par with Week 1.

I’m happy with the writing I’m doing, though. This week I finished the last installment of a 5-part serial story (just shy of 10K words) and was quite happy with how it turned out. I edited each installment as I went, but I need to go over the last installment again to see if anything needs to be tweaked. My next plan for this story is to put it all together and see if, with revisions, it can work as a single novelette (the term for a story of this length).

I’ve also started a new short story. This time I’m aiming for flash fiction length (which the market I’m targeting defines as under 1500 words). I suspect the first draft will be longer and then I’ll edit it down. Bonus: part of the story was written at a coffee shop, which I enjoy doing and haven’t done in a while.

More to the point, I’m feeling good about what I’m producing. One of my main goals this year is to work on deepening my writing, to focus harder and dig deeper rather than writing at the surface level, and I think it’s working.

So while my time spent is lower than I’d like it to be, it’s quality time and that’s the point. I’m going to continue to aim for 3 hours.

Renovation Updates

Another part of Project: Making Space (my name for this year’s package of goals) is making my house into a place that nurtures my spirit. So while the focus this week has been on renovations rather than revisions, I’m still moving towards my goals, just in a different way

This week my accomplishments include:

  • choosing flooring (a huge thing for a chronic waffler like me)
  • just on the cusp of choosing paint (rather less huge, but still requiring a lot of thought)
  • buying some small pieces of furniture that are going to help with organization
  • identifying and gathering a lot of junk to get rid of (a project for this week) — so the front areas of the house are looking a lot better
  • researching window coverings (had no idea there were so many options…like I said, decorating doesn’t come naturally to me!)

It’s a lot of work now, but it’s finite (er, sort of) and it will pay off in the end, I hope.

Your turn! How are your resolutions and/or ROW80 going?


6 responses to “Reframing Goals and ROW80 Week 3 Check-In

  1. Good to hear you’re having quality writing time! MUCH more important than quantity. 🙂
    Love to hear about writing in cafes too!

    Good luck with the renos and everything else.

  2. Thanks on all counts, Ellen!

  3. Well done on finishing the serial. It’s a concept I’ve only come across in the last few months, and hope to start one in a month or so. I hope it works out as a good length novella.
    And if you feel good about your writing, and continue to write each week, then you can only get better. So just keep writing!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Buffy! Serials are new to me, too, but I enjoyed doing this one and I can see doing it again in the future. It’s kind of scary but also kind of fun. Good luck with yours!

  5. My ROW80 goals are hit and miss at the moment, since I’m flapping about over assignment issues and job interviews. I have, however, also been working on making revisions in my living space. I only have a room to worry about, rather than a house, but it was very cluttered. I’ve made massive progress though and it definitely does help the whole ‘feel in control’ aim for my year.

  6. Callie, I think sometimes we forget how important our physical spaces are to our mental well-being. Good on you for taking some time to deal with that part of your life! “Massive progress” sure sounds like something to be proud of, even if the writing is going slower than you’d like.

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