WANA Friday: Your Favourite Word

Yes, yes, I know it’s Saturday, moving on…

This week’s #WANAFriday topic is:

Share your favourite (or merely an interesting) WORD — what does it mean for you?

My favourite word is Serendipity.

FreeDictionary.com defines it thus:

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Or in plainer language, a happy accident. Wikipedia says the word was coined by Horace Walpole, whose definition included the idea that one must be wise enough to recognize and make use of this “fortunate discovery” — think of all the scientific breakthroughs that were made by accident. (For values of “by accident” that include lots of hard work beforehand and rigorous experiments, of course.)

So why is this word my favourite? Partly because of the definition. Partly because it’s just so much fun to say (hello, I’m a writer).

Serendipity logo

And partly because of these books, featuring a pink dragon named Serendipity and similar whimsical creatures. Yeah, why are you not surprised that books would come into the, er, story somewhere? Though I think even back then, I liked the word better than the actual book.

(There was also a romantic comedy called Serendipity, which was cute but rather forgettable.)

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Your turn! What’s your favourite word?


13 responses to “WANA Friday: Your Favourite Word

  1. Yeah, I love the word serendipity too.

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  4. Great word. If I had had time to do a post this week it would have been with a sister word, synchronicity.

  5. Ooh, that’s a good one too, Cora!

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s a fan of “serendipity”. 🙂

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  7. I do like that word.

    Oh my, that dragon is adorable!

  8. Currently my favorite word is “Snickerdoodle,” much to the dismay of any future cat I might own, to be sure 😉

  9. Mike, that’s another fun one to say!

  10. I love that word, too. 😀

  11. Uplifting meaning, fun to say…what’s not to like? 😉

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