#WANAFriday: What Did You Love About Going Back to School?

I’m late for this week’s installment of #WANAFriday — forgive me! But I couldn’t pass up the current topic:

What was your favorite thing about going back to school?

Since I’m a writer, my answer will come as no surprise. I loved getting new school supplies. I had my favourite brand of lined paper. I was very picky about pens — they had to write just so, the smoother the better, although I made an exception for the pens that came with four colours in one (perfect for colour-coded Social Studies notes, you see). I loved just about any kind of highlighters and Post-It notes, even though I didn’t use them much.

Of course, this love has carried on. I’ve never gotten into high-end pens, like some writers, but I still have favourite pens. I’ve developed a definite preference for certain kinds of notebooks (while I drool over fancy bound diaries, the kind I prefer for story notes is a 9X7″ Mead brand — coil-bound, stiff cardboard back, thick lined paper that feels nice to write on). And in my day job I get to use Post-It notes all the time, which makes my inner 12-year-old very happy.

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Your turn! What was your favourite thing about going back to school?

13 responses to “#WANAFriday: What Did You Love About Going Back to School?

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  2. I’m totally with you! I love a good medium-tip pen, and prefer the spiral notebooks with stiff cardboard backs. Write on!

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  5. I remember reading someone’s blog a while back where she said she wrote an entire first draft of a YA novel on Post-It notes because she works in a lab and there were restrictions or something on what materials could be brought in from outside. Pretty crazy =)

    Lately I’ve developed a penchant for writing in a Leuchtturm 1917 lined notebook with fountain pens. The paper isn’t the best for fountain pen ink, but the build quality is between Moleskines and Rhodia webnotebooks, and the price is pretty good. I’m not sure writing longhand is an efficient use of my time because I just have to type everything up every week or so, but a notebook is easy to carry around and it’s fun to alternate between different ink colors.

  6. Liv, glad to hear I’ve got company!

    Mike, an entire novel on Post-Its? Not sure I love them *that* much…now that’s dedication. I’ve gotten away from handwriting mainly because of the effort of typing it up afterwards, but I often do my outlining and brainstorming in a notebook. Somehow that stage of creativity lends itself better to pen and paper than keyboard, for me.

  7. Yeah, I prefer to have everything on my computer because I can search the text and back it up online and stuff. But a while back I thought it would be cool to introduce more variety into my writing habits with paper notebooks and fountain pens and stuff, and I enjoy them.

    Now I have a bunch of handwritten notes spread out across a couple of (not full) notebooks because they were convenient to pick up when I had a burst of ideas, but the knowledge that I need to get them all typed up is pretty daunting. Lately I’ve been wondering if the extra time it takes to type stuff up by hand is worth it, but I’m just not sure. I’ve read there are some benefits to doing stuff longhand. At the very least, transcribing notes into computer form forces me to mentally process the material to some degree, so maybe that’s a benefit.

  8. My experience is similar to yours: when I was in school, I always found that rewriting my notes (from paper to paper) helped to cement them in my brain — plus it meant I could actually *read* them later. I’ve also kept a journal on and off, sometimes handwritten and other times typed. Right now it’s “off” and I haven’t planned any new stories recently, so it’s been a while since I wrote anything down in a notebook!

  9. I love love love getting new office supplies. I find it very hard not to buy something in big office supply stores. Sometimes it’s post it notes, or highlighters, or notebooks, or cool pens, or fancy drawing pins. I don’t remember it being all that exciting at school though. About the most fun I can remember is spiral bound notebooks with 5 different coloured paged. (I like coloured stuff too.)

  10. I’ve had to ban myself from buying office-type supplies; I never use them. I want to, but… I just never do.

  11. Ellen, yes, those big box stores are dangerous! (Like bookstores.) Gotta be careful as you walk past or you might get kidnapped by the Post-It note section….

    Dianna, I hear you. I’ve finally done that with fancy bound journals. They’re so pretty, I lust after them, but if I’m going to write in a notebook, I want one with a spiral-bound cover I can fold back, and those gorgeous covers won’t do it. Alas.

  12. Hello there once more! Your posts are very interesting. So much, that I’ve put you as my nominee for the Liebster Award! For details, check out here: http://myluggwhere.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/my-luggage-is-elsewhere-nominated-for-the-liebster-award/.

    My Luggage is Elsewhere.

  13. Aw, thank you! I’m honoured…and I’ll do my own post later this week. 🙂

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