Your Turn: SFF Writers of Colour

It’s a holiday Monday here in Canada, so instead of me talking, I’m turning the blog over to you.

I’m pretty good at seeking out SF&F by women and LGBTQ-themed speculative fiction. But I know that one area where I could be doing better is in reading SF&F by writers of colour.

So I’m looking for book recommendations. Who have you read? Who’s on your radar or your TBR list?

If you can’t think of any authors of colour, how about books that star characters of colour (main characters, not supporting characters) or that are built on mythologies and histories that are not Western? (And yes, I realize this brings up the whole question of appropriation, which is why I’m looking primarily for authors of colour.)

Let’s get this discussion going…


6 responses to “Your Turn: SFF Writers of Colour

  1. Saladin Ahmed! N.K. Jemisin! (I’ve only read the latter’s Thousand Kingdoms trilogy but they were SO GOOD.)

  2. Thanks for the recs, Victoria!

  3. This might be kind of obvious, but Octavia Butler is a fabulous writer who covers all kinds of scifi & speculative fiction. I just recently read Kindred, a book about a black woman from the ’70s who gets pulled back onto a Maryland plantation in the early 1800s. She goes back (unwillingly) every time her many-times-great grandfather – the son of the plantation owner – is in life-threatening trouble. It’s a pretty amazing book, and I also liked her take on the vampire myth, a book called Fledgling.

    Also…and this is a little off-topic…but last week I read Grimspace by Ann Aguirre. What fun! It’s sort of like Firefly in book form, but with a female protagonist. If you haven’t read it (and likely you have) it’s well worth looking for a copy.

  4. Liv, I will admit to not having read Octavia Butler, though of course I’ve heard of her, so it’s always good to be reminded. Kindred has been on my TBR list for way too long. And I haven’t read Ann Aguirre either, but Grimspace sounds right up my alley!

  5. I’ll second NK Jemisin. I’m also aware of Nalo Hopkinson, although haven’t read any of her work.

  6. Nalo Hopkinson is Canadian! Though I’ll admit I haven’t read her work either. Yet.

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