WANA Friday: If You Could Have One Magical Item…

Welcome to another installment of WANA Friday, where a bunch of bloggers all post on the same topic and share links so you can see everyone’s answers.

This week’s question:

If you could have one magical item, what would it be and why?

My answer:

I would love to have a portal. You know, a thing you conjure up and step through to get somewhere far away, sometimes even another world.

It would save me more than an hour on my daily commute, and long airplane flights would be a thing of the past. Plus maybe I could get to some of those fictional worlds I mentioned last week….

(In science fictional terms, I’d take a transporter, the Guardian of Forever, or the TARDIS if a portal wasn’t available!)

Other participants this week:

Cora Ramos

Ellen Gregory

Kim Griffin

Tami Clayton

Your turn! What magical item would you want?



15 responses to “WANA Friday: If You Could Have One Magical Item…

  1. Bag of Holding. I am always trying to figure out how to have everything I might want when I leave the house, but not break my back. I want a bag like the one Hermione took on the extended camping trip in Deathly Hallows. Then when we traveled through your portal we wouldn’t be too over-burdened!

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  3. A portal is definitely a good choice. Just think of all the places one could go! (rubs hands together…)

  4. KD – Ooooh, that would be a good thing to have! It would need an organizational system, though. I’m not as organized as Hermione!

    Ellen – Eeexactly!

  5. Another good one would be a book that tells you whatever you need to know. Sort of like an iPhone, but more mystical.

  6. Liv, as someone who shares a name with an iPhone program, I completely agree! 🙂

  7. A portal is a GREAT idea! Why didn’t I think of that? It would make traveling to far away places so much easier. Can I change my answer? 😉

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  10. Oh, yes. Definitely. You can go any place, any time, and bags fly free! Can I take my magic wand with me through the portal?

  11. Tami, a wand would be pretty handy too!

    Elizabeth, depends on how tight security is…

  12. …I’m going to have to think about this.

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