WANA Friday: Music I Love

I’m excited to be starting a new series of Friday posts as part of a writers’ community I’m in, WANA (We Are Not Alone). We’ll all be posting on a common topic on Fridays, and sharing links to all the participants’ posts so you can go blog-hopping and read the different takes on the same topic.

This week’s WANA Friday topic is a favourite or inspiring work of art — a painting, a piece of music, and so on.

Here’s one of mine:

This is a group called Barbara Furtuna, who sing in a traditional Corsican polyphonic style. (Corsica is a Mediterranean island belonging to France, although they have a distinct culture and language. It’s also the birthplace of Napoleon.) To me, the music sounds something like medieval Gregorian chanting, but with undertones of Africa. I love the minor-key sound and the lush harmonies…they touch something deep in my soul. Of course, it’s even better live! Americans, they’re coming your way in the fall…

Other WANA Friday participants this week:

Rabia Gale

Ellen Gregory

Liv Rancourt

Linda Adams

Margaret Miller

Tami Clayton

Cora Ramos

Kim Moser Griffin

That’s it for the weekend. See you back here on Monday!


20 responses to “WANA Friday: Music I Love

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  4. This music reverberates through my very soul. *good shivers*

  5. Doesn’t it though?

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  8. Fascinating Siri and thank you for the introduction to these performers. I love how you can hear all sorts of influences within their music but again like some of the visual arts we’ve seen today it all comes together harmoniously to form something new.

  9. Love love LOVE this – finally got to listen to it. I’m now trying to figure out how to get hold of one of their CDs!! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Siri!

  10. It’s mesmerizing to listen to. It makes me want to meditate or get really quiet so I can absorb it fully. Many thanks for introducing this to us!

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  12. Margaret, exactly!

    Ellen and Tami, glad you love it as much as I do!

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  14. The harmonics get right into the brain and heal. Lovely. Thanks, Siri, I will look for them in the fall.

  15. Cora, that’s a wonderful way to put it. I hope you get to see them in concert!

  16. I’ve never heard anything quite like that. Their voices are so rich and the tones remind me a little of Tibetan monks I listened to in a concert years ago.


  17. Kim, interesting how the music reminds everyone of something different. Glad you enjoyed it!

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