Turtleduck Press New Release — Captain’s Boy by KD Sarge

First of all, my heart goes out to the marathon runners in Boston and all those affected by the events there. It’s horrible to contemplate — so many personal triumphs turned to tragedy in an instant. I’m sending healing thoughts southward as I type.

Having said that, I would be remiss in my duties as editor at Turtleduck Press if I delayed this announcement any longer. This month we have a new SF novel out: Captain’s Boy by KD Sarge.

Captain's Boy cover

Donte Stromei is a university student determined to put his past behind him. He’ll keep his head down, tutor his young mentee Jordan, and study hard with his only friend, the fiery Selene. But when Jordan is abducted and taken off-planet by slavers, Donte is desperate to rescue him.

He and Selene follow the boy’s trail across star systems and ports. The closer they come, though, the more Donte begins to feel he’s losing his mind. For before this is over, he will have to face his deepest fears and his hidden past. He knows he’s broken…but can Selene help him hold himself together long enough to save Jordan?

If you’ve read KD Sarge’s other SF novels from Turtleduck Press, you’ll find some familiar faces here. Captain’s Boy is set a few years before the events of Sarge’s first novel, Knight Errant.

Captain’s Boy is available in print or your ebook format of choice. For “buy” links and sample chapters, come on over to our Captain’s Boy page at Turtleduck Press. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Turtleduck Press New Release — Captain’s Boy by KD Sarge

  1. I own that book; need to review it.

  2. KD would love it if you did! (And please feel free to be honest. We’re all adults at TDP; we promise we won’t throw a fit at a less-than-five-star review.)

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