Embarking on a Grand Tour through Asia

Now that I’ve wrapped up my series of 2012 retrospectives, it’s time to look ahead. I’ve got something very special planned for the first few months of this year. It’s also going to mean some temporary changes for the blog, though not a hiatus — see end of post for details.

The Trip

Next week, I embark on a three-month trip through Asia — Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Nepal. My travelling partner and I are beyond excited, and a little overwhelmed. I haven’t done a trip like this in many years, and never outside of Europe, while he’s been to India only once, as a child.

We’ll be travelling largely on our own, one or two steps up from backpacker dorm territory — packing light, staying in guesthouses that are as basic as we can stand (Where is that line for us? Stay tuned…), moving around on trains and buses, and eating fairly cheaply (with all due precautions, of course). But we expect to be visiting areas of high tourism for the most part, steering clear of anything too adventurous or off the beaten track — at least this time!

And  before you ask: no, the house will not be standing empty!

The Blog

Because we’ll be travelling at a slower pace, I’ll still be blogging. (And working on a novel!) Monday posts will continue to be about books, movies, and other media. The rest of the week will feature travel-related posts, although you’ll see similar topics and themes to those I write about normally. Posting may be a little sporadic. So will my ability to respond to comments…but rest assured I’ll see them eventually.

Oh — and yes, there will be pictures!


10 responses to “Embarking on a Grand Tour through Asia

  1. blade3colorado

    Good luck on your trip . . . I leave in about a week for a RTW trip and will blog about it too. I have all those stops on my itinerary, except for India (convoluted Visa requirements via a 3rd party that I decided to avoid). You guys will have a blast!

  2. A round-the-world trip sounds amazing, blade! How long will you be travelling? Bon voyage!

  3. What a neat opportunity! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks, Rabia — I intend to!

  5. Didn’t get to say “Bon voyage” in person, so will have to do so here. Will check in occasionally to see how things are going. Have an amazing trip, Siri and come back with a novel. Be safe but have loads of fun.

  6. Thank you on all counts, Ruth! Sorry I missed you on my last day. See you in July!

  7. Siri, I hope you are having a wonderful time. Thinking of you and… wishing it was me…!!!

  8. Thank you, Rose! So far I’m loving Malaysia and am sorry to leave…but I expect the next stop, Thailand, will be equally fascinating. Hope you’re doing well!

  9. So glad you are having a wonderful time enjoying these new horizons. All is well here. Everybody joins me to say hello : Elisabeth, Lynn, Kong, Sandra, Clermont and Nancy (she loves your cubicle and hopes you are having a good time). Darlene is away. Ishnan is not in her office but I am sure she is joining to say hello.
    Today we had Chinese New Year’s celebration lunch. A couple of us from Publishing went. So, Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake.
    Also Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you – Enjoy !!!!!!!!

  10. Greetings and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you…hope you are all faring well!

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