Friday Link: Abandoned Architecture Photography

Happy Friday!

I love good photography (looking at it, not taking it), especially when it conveys a mood or suggests a story. French photographer Aurélien Villette does both. Here is a blog post showcasing some of his work on abandoned buildings.

What amazes me about it is the sheer size and/or former opulence of some of the buildings he’s captured. I mean, how can these buildings be abandoned? Doesn’t anybody notice them? Doesn’t anybody need the real estate? What about preserving their history? Who used to live or work there, and when and why did they leave?

His photos are wonderfully evocative, sometimes wistful, sometimes post-apocalyptic. If you love old buildings, seriously, go have a look.

That’s all for this week. See you back here on Monday!



2 responses to “Friday Link: Abandoned Architecture Photography

  1. It’s my opinion that our building codes should promote revitalization of abandoned masterpieces and penalize new development of virgin land. If a developer is willing to re-purpose a building and keep its original architectural integrity, then they should get a huge tax break. At the very least, when there is new development, the developer should have to tear down ugly strip malls or parking edifices somewhere else and turn them into parks.

  2. Jane, I agree! There’s a lot of beautiful old architecture here in Toronto, and it breaks my heart to see it torn down.

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