6 More Things I’ve Learned from My New House

Back in July, I blogged about 6 lessons I learned from my first month as a new homeowner. That was three months ago, so it’s high time to give you an update on my adventures. Now that I’ve been through one full season, here’s what I’ve learned…

1. Opening your house to other people rocks. In our little one-bedroom apartment, we didn’t have enough room to throw parties, so we’re completely inexperienced hosts. But now our linked living room and dining room fit 15 or 20 people. So far we’ve had two parties and played host to both our families, and let me tell you, even though we’re both introverts, it feels great! (Though we might not have hung our dining room chandelier so low if we’d anticipated moving the dining table off to the side during parties….)

2. There’s always more to do. We heard that before we started house-hunting, but we didn’t fully appreciate what it meant. There’s a huge list of things that could be done–everything from decorating to upgrading at all levels (appliances, fence, windows, someday the kitchen). Luckily for our procrastinatory tendencies, it can be done a little at a time.

3. Having a garden rocks. Okay, so 95% of our backyard is weeds. But we managed to grow tomatoes and basil (thanks to our neighbours) and mint and ornamental grass. Now that our windows aren’t all north-facing, I have houseplants too. We haven’t bought tomatoes for more than a month, and we’re eating mint chutney from our own backyard. My father would be proud. So am I–it’s amazing how satisfying even a few plants can be.

4. Each season brings new surprises and new challenges. Now that the weather’s cool, I’ve discovered that my beautiful sun-filled office is freezing on cold days. We’re still not quite sure how to set our thermostat. And soon it’ll be time to buy a shovel.

5. Owning a house feels weird. Wait…you mean we possess this building? And the land it sits on? How does that even work? Isn’t that something grownups do? Oh wait…at 30+, maybe we qualify as grownups. Ack!

6. It’s totally worth it. Even though our house needs more TLC than we’ve been able to give it so far…even despite the challenges…even though it didn’t meet several of the criteria we were originally looking for…I love it madly.  I’m so looking forward to all the love and little details (and, ahem, money) we’re going to pour into it for many years to come. Sometimes I still can’t believe how lucky we are.

Your turn. If you own a house, what do you love about it? If you don’t, what do you think would be the best part?


2 responses to “6 More Things I’ve Learned from My New House

  1. My husband and I owned a house for seven years, and now we rent. Since we spent a lot of time and money on our fixer-upper (and the whole selling process was really stressful), I’m happy to be in a place where, if the hot water heater goes, it’s not our problem to fix.

    For a little while at least. (And I do miss my big kitchen and huge dining room. Can’t really entertain here, when the table’s crammed into a breakfast nook).

  2. Rabia, I expect we’ll have those kinds of headaches too…it’s just that the shiny hasn’t worn off yet! I can definitely see pros and cons to both owning and renting. One of our main reasons for buying was that we wanted pride of ownership…but I do miss not having an outside to look after!

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