Autumn Love

I love autumn.

maple leaf

Copyright Siri Paulson, 2011

After a long, hot summer, I love the novelty of actually needing coziness and warmth, whether it’s my favourite chunky sweater, a warm latte or hot chocolate, or a hot soup. I love warm blankets on cool mornings (less so getting out of them!).

I love the sense of new things starting, kids heading back to school, energy building for NaNoWriMo. Often I feel as if the new year begins in September, Jewish-style.

I love the changing leaves. A story: I was born in Ontario, where the trees turn red and orange and yellow, but I moved as a young child to Alberta, the Canadian prairies. In Alberta, yellow is by far the commonest fall colour. I always felt that something was missing, without remembering what. Now that I’m back in Ontario, I know — it was the full rainbow of glorious leaves. Especially the red…which, I just remembered, was hands-down my favourite colour as a child. (Nowadays it’s blue, as in the colour of an Alberta sky. Funny how these things circle around….)

Japanese maple in Toronto

A Japanese maple, with bonus glimpse of Toronto architecture. Copyright Siri Paulson, 2009.

Something else I learned in Alberta was that autumn was short, maybe six weeks. We usually had the first snowfall before Halloween; trick-or-treating was done in winter coats. Here, what I think of as fall weather stretches a full month longer. But just as a part of me remembered Ontario colours, now another part remembers Alberta winters.

And, while I love autumn, I kind of detest winter. Toronto winters are slushy, windy, damp, and grey. I’m always cold, and I hate being cold.

So I spend most of autumn thinking “Winter is coming!” (yes, even before I started reading A Game of Thrones). And then there’s usually weeks and weeks of warm weather.

My challenge, then, is to stay in the moment and enjoy the season for what it is, without worrying about the one that’s coming — an exercise in meditation and being present.

How do you feel about autumn? Which season is your favourite?


7 responses to “Autumn Love

  1. I love autumn, but it always makes me homesick.

  2. Ellen Gregory

    Autumn’s my favourite season too, followed by spring. I dare say it’s the transition I like – the change from hot to cool, or from wet & dreary to lovely spring sunshine (which is where we’re at now). Looking back over one of my blogs, there are spring posts some years, corresponding to renewed writing energy. Which is also where I am now!

  3. KD – *hugs!*

    Ellen, interesting about transitions…I wonder what it is about them that grabs you? Happy writing this spring!

  4. Beautiful post! Definitely stay present in Autumn and all it’s wonder. I drove colorful tree-lined country roads yesterday and felt my mindset improving the whole way. I love Fall.

  5. S.M., sounds like a beautiful drive!

  6. Beautiful post, Siri.
    I worked for so many years in academe that autumn has always felt like the beginning of the new year. And I’m a September baby, so truly is my annual “fresh start.”

    As one who does not do well in hot weather, the arrival of autumn brings a renewal of my energy and my senses. I love autumn’s moods – the shift of warm and cold, dark and light, the deepening of colors, the turning to the interior- of one’s home and one’s mind.

    I wish you well as you approach NaNoWriMo.


    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. –George Eliot

  7. Julie, I’m a September baby too, and still know a lot of students, so I hear you. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and the quotation!

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