It Takes a Village: Being Good Neighbours

This week I’m blogging over at Turtleduck Press about the people in my new neighbourhood, and our early relationships with them:

I’m also conscious that so far, we’ve been recipients, not givers. As former apartment-dwellers and also introverts, we have a habit of keeping to ourselves, turning inwards. Suddenly I’m finding that I don’t like that habit anymore. Sure, we’re young and inexperienced, but we have talents and resources that could be shared.

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What I didn’t mention was the state of our home’s exterior. The whole backyard is soil, for the former owners were avid vegetable gardeners. We took possession in May and moved in at the end of June; we’ve planted a little, but it’s mostly weeds now. We’ve done our best, but we just haven’t had time to take proper care of the yard this year, and I’m conscious that it looks terrible. The front yard isn’t much better. It’s yet another way that we could — and will — be better neighbours in future.

What experiences have you had with good neighbours — either being them or having them? Go comment at Turtleduck Press!


2 responses to “It Takes a Village: Being Good Neighbours

  1. My best neighbors are the one’s that are behind a good fence! Grin…

  2. pobept, that’s true! We unfortunately do not have a good fence between us and our neighbours…so we lucked out on getting a sweet older couple!

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