One Lovely Blog Award: Seven Facts About Me

One Lovely Blog AwardToday’s post comes to you courtesy of Ellen Gregory, who tagged me for a blog badge, the One Lovely Blog Award. The rules of the game require giving seven facts about yourself. So here, in no particular order, are seven things I haven’t shared here before (but will probably talk more about later!).

1. I’m 100% Norwegian. I was born in Canada, as were my parents, but three of my grandparents were born in Norway. The fourth was born in North Dakota to Norwegian immigrant parents.

2. Star Trek was my first fandom. I loved many books (and a few movies) before I discovered Star Trek, but I loved indiscriminately. Star Trek: The Next Generation was the first thing I fell really hard for. Though not the last. See the next point…

3. I’m engaged to be married exactly one month from now. And that’s probably all I’m going to say about that.

4. I’m Canadian but I’ve never been to the United States, except on day trips across the border. Even though I’ve spent a total of more than four months in Europe over the years.

5. I have, at various points, played piano, flute, piccolo, and soprano saxophone, and sung in choirs. But I’m not playing anything these days; my current passions lie elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll swing back around eventually.

6. My hair was bright red when I was a child. It’s more of a strawberry blonde now, heading towards honey blonde, but I still think of myself as a redhead. If I ever go totally blonde, maybe I’ll dye it back to red.

7. I am a late adopter. My computer dates to 2004; I don’t have a smartphone; my music collection is still on CD. I do have an ereader, but only because it was a gift (which I like a lot and use often, though it will never replace paper books in my heart).

The rules associated with with the One Lovely Blog Award are as follows: thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog, share seven facts about yourself, pass the badge onto another 15 blogs.

I’m going to skip the last bit because I am a horrible, horrible person lazy, but if you’d like to play, please leave a comment and I’ll add your blog to the post!

Do any of the facts I’ve given resonate with you?


4 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award: Seven Facts About Me

  1. #4 above: You’re not missing out on anything! Believe me! LOL

  2. Now I know the roots of your name. Thank you!

  3. I’m a late adopter as well. I still don’t have a smartphone. Oh, well. 🙂

  4. Thanks, ladies! 🙂

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