Remembering This Summer

This has been a long, hot summer — glorious or tiresome, depending on your preferences — but it’s drawing to a close at last. Over the past week I’ve felt a chill in the air, the first hints of autumn. Another season almost over.

It’s been an eventful and hectic summer for me. As I look back on it, I’m trying to fix in my mind the way I want to remember it…

There’s been a lot of work and stress this summer. Moving into our first house and planning other things have meant an incredible number of errands. We’re never home. I hit decision fatigue a long time ago. Our yard is a disaster. (We were saved, briefly, by a long stretch of hot weather that meant our grass stopped growing altogether, but that time has passed now.) We suffered through weeks without air conditioning. I can’t remember the last time I wrote any fiction — I let myself off the hook when moving day approached, and things just haven’t gotten any less crazy. We’re practically living at the home improvement store or the department store. I feel like I’ve missed out on the glorious weather — almost no beach time, no swimming, very few park or neighbourhood strolls. (Last year it rained every weekend; this year, all those sorts of activities would have been perfect.)

But. We’re in our first house. Sometimes I still can’t believe that it’s really ours, this house with its beautiful wood floors and bannisters and the old windows that open vertically and the nearly unobstructed sunset views (never mind the power lines and the store roofs, I can see sunsets again!). We’ve had our very first house party. Changed our own locks and fixed our fence. Made our first stumbling, tentative forays into gardening, and eaten the first fruits of our labour from land that belongs to us. Managed to enjoy ourselves despite all the stress. Experienced the World Cup in a place where it’s a really big deal. I’m continually charmed by the neighbourhood as I make new discoveries. I’ve dined on patios and eaten amazing gelato. And I did make it down to the waterfront once, the cemetery twice, the local park a few times.

And summer’s not over yet. There’s still time to add to that second list, to change the story as it settles into memory.

How will you remember this summer?



5 responses to “Remembering This Summer

  1. more rain that last summer…a productive garden…and productive work on my desire to be a writer:)…thanks for asking

  2. Sounds like a lovely summer to remember. And if you are writing, you are already a writer!

  3. Congratulations on your new home, Siri. Now that the dust has cleared, you can look forward to writing in the coziness of your own space and the coming autumn. Bliss.

  4. How exciting, a new home! Even though it has been difficult for you for a while, you will gain a lot in the end…like more writing time.
    This summer has flown by. I spent a lot of time dealing with health issues of an older sibling. Lots of driving to hospitals, doctors, etc. Calming down now, I think.
    Fall is a great time of the year. I can see/feel those early signs, too.

  5. Thanks, Julie!

    Janice, here’s hoping that this fall is better for you and your family than summer was!

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