Link: What Does a Writer Do When Not Writing?

Just a quick note today. I’m blogging over at Turtleduck Press about how I’m not able to write fiction at the moment, and what I’m doing instead to feed my soul…

Blog posts are keeping me sane. The act of putting one word after another, of making a coherent argument or narrative in a set length, of finding the right phrasing, is something my soul needs. Blogging takes less mental energy than fiction, and I can knock out a finished piece in a few hours, so it’s staying in my life.

Other kinds of art are happening, ones where there’s no pressure to be publishable or even particularly good. I’m knitting and contra dancing and working on learning to waltz. These things still put me in the state of flow the way writing (ideally) does, and that’s good for my mental health.

Go read the rest at Turtleduck Press!


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