Book Launch: Fey Touched by Erin Zarro

Today I’m taking a break from regularly scheduled programming. Usually Mondays are for book/movie/other media related posts, Wednesdays are for Life, the Universe, and Everything, and Fridays are for sharing the best links I’ve seen on the Internet in the past week. (In case you were wondering.)

But I have a couple of exciting book-related news items that just can’t wait…

I’ve mentioned Turtleduck Press, an indie publisher for which I’m the chief editor and occasional writer. We put out three books a year in the areas of science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. Today, August 1, is our newest release.

Fey Touched by Erin Zarro

Fey Touched by Erin Zarro is a science fantasy novel set in a future where Fey, humans, and hunters of Fey coexist. Normally they live in an uneasy balance. When that balance is upset, members of all three groups are forced to redefine what is truly important to them and fight for what they believe in. And two sisters are caught in the middle…

Read more about Fey Touched here. Read the first three chapters here, or buy it on Kindle here (print edition coming soon!). If you’re interested in getting a review copy, use this email: erin at erinkendall dot com

If all that doesn’t entice you to click through to Turtleduck Press, here’s another reason. We’ve just relaunched the site with a whole new design (courtesy of our amazing webmistress KD Sarge), including some beautiful banners. We’d love it if you’d go and have a peek.

Turtleduck Press logo

Do you have any questions about Turtleduck Press? I’ll answer them in a future post.

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