Friday Link: Humidity: Life in the Shire

Okay, it’s Saturday, so sue me. I was busy watching The Dark Knight Rises, all right? (More about that at a later date, probably. For now I’ll just say: great action, muddled emotional arc and plot. But then, I’m not quite the target audience — I like a bigger character arc, even in action movies, than most audiences seem to require.)

Anyway, here’s your Friday link. Has it been hot and humid where you are? It certainly has here. So this was refreshing to read:

When I stepped outside my front door this morning with Gibson to do the morning chores I was stepping into a brand new world from the one I left the night before. It has been so dry, for so long, and this morning the blessed humidity was back and I was bubbling with energy. My body instantly burst into a light sheen of sweat. I took in a deep breathe of the wet air and let it fill my lungs, smiling. In half an hour my body would be dripping, and then I’ll change into running gear and really learn what humidity is. Water and life, everywhere. I love humidity.

Read the rest at Cold Antler Farm’s blog (hat tip to Elisabeth Black for the link).

That’s it for this week. Go forth and practice enjoying the humidity, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.



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