Surviving the End of Winter

I have a confession to make.

Normally I hate February. I’m not too keen on January or March either. The holidays are over, New Year’s resolutions are shot, and summer is a long ways off. Here in Toronto, the weather doesn’t turn warmer until April. Even then it’s likely to stay cool and rainy for another month or two, but at least there are spring buds to watch. I’m a solar-powered kind of girl, so I find late winter/early spring to be a tough slog.

This year, though, it hasn’t been so bad. My best guesses as to why:

1. I’ve been busy making plans. I’ve got some big plans for later this year — more on those another time — and they’ve kept me focused on the future instead of the cold, gloomy present.

2. My New Year’s goals are actually sort of working. This year I decided to focus on process, not end-goals. I’ve set out a loose weekly plan that gives me something different to work on each day — for example, Tuesdays and Saturdays are for errands — and it’s been surprisingly effective.

3. I’m exercising. Okay, not a lot. But one yoga class a week and one evening of dance every other week, plus the occasional flight of stairs, are enough to get the blood flowing a bit, and you all know what they say about the benefits of exercise on mood.

4. The weather is on my side. We’ve had an unusually mild winter, with less snow than usual. Of course, my efforts have nothing to do with this, but I’ll take it.

5. When in doubt, there’s always chocolate. Ah, chocolate, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… And discount post-Valentine’s chocolate? Even better. *cough* Good thing I’ve got #3 up there. They balance each other out. Mostly.

So what are your best coping strategies for getting through the tail end of winter?


5 responses to “Surviving the End of Winter

  1. That makes a lot of sense. Good luck with the plans (and the new blog)!

  2. Hey Siri love your new blog, congratulations on both starting and your goals. I know what you mean about those tail end winter months except mine are in reverse. When I lived in Queensland I used to long for summer to end throughout those months. I was so tired of the heat after 7 or 8 months in the low to high 30s and more with the humidity to match I just wanted it to end. I’m looking forward to your next post.

  3. Lire, thanks very much, I’m glad you liked it!

    Margaret, thanks for the congrats! I’ve never lived somewhere as hot as Queensland, but I can well imagine you must have gotten as tired of the heat as we do of the cold. Funny how circumstances can be so different and yet so similar.

  4. Hi Siri, your blog looks good, lots of potential. Yep, our winters can be a drag (Newfoundland) but think of it as blogging time. Best of luck!

  5. Good point, Prudence. Thanks for the good wishes!

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